2020 Jeep Yuntu – Redesign, Interior, Engine

The American market has stronger competitors and it is the most challenging for new arrivals. The most of the opponents have upgraded features to the maximum, and Jeep is one of them. However, new Jeep technology includes their packages with all refreshed electronics features. New 2020 Jeep Yuntu will be recognizable as a sibling of previous 2017 Wagoneer but in more refreshed manner.

New Yuntu will offer redesigned exterior made of the combo of unique materials and with the also stronger engine. With equipped interior and engine spec, we believe that this vehicle has more to offer. As a new project of Jeep Company, this vehicle will have a stronger response towards the European market. Although is planned for heavier terrains, this crossover will make a big step ahead with the new aggressive appearance on a highway and cities as well. The final entry on the market is highly expected so we can claim the spotlight will be at this crossover.

2020 Jeep Yuntu Concept

2020 Jeep Yuntu – exterior changes

According to recently taken spy shoots, we can say that new 2020 Jeep Yuntu will have more aggressive appearance than it had the predecessor. However, the model will have smaller dimensions, which will not be stopping him to make a stunning performance. According to the latest reviews, new Yuntu will have interesting exterior. The shape is going to be boxy with sharp angles, especially at the frontal fascia. The body frame is made of the combination of several materials, including steel for stamina and aluminum for lighter weighting. Frontal part will have vertical grille centered with chrome layer above.

Bumpers will have a sharp angle with additional rows of LED lights which is present on the back side too. The cargo space will be slightly reduced but with similar cargo power. The four-door crossover will receive some decorations on exterior depending on the trim level required. This will also mean that this crossover will be available in several color options. The ground clearance is more noticeable but not in such an aggressive way, as the size of 15-inch tires. Despite that, real stamina and quality go at the same basic package as much in the rest of the trim levels.

2020 Jeep Yuntu rear side

Interior features

Interior of a new arrival will be surprisingly stylized containing more luxury details and more technical equipment. However, this is not the maximum what this crossover offers. The new 2020 Jeep Yuntu will be the higher class in this segment so we can expect materials like leather, chrome, and wood and with artistic details as well. The interior is spacious with three-rows of seats which is ideal for traveling and family. The four doors are having blacked-out glasses especially the options with the sliding roof on the top.

The infotainments system is going to be up-to-date and it will contain specific Jeep technology in order to provide excellent service. As the sound system and safety measures did not lacking, so as the LCD with 7-inch screen will definitely give the better overview. The safety programs like navigation and airbags will manage to keep the unexpected situations under control. The massive development of technology will have the immense share in the overall line-up.

2020 Jeep Yuntu – engine option

The testing is still on and it has a great impact on engineers to gain a knowledge necessary to make a unique device for the new crossover. The new 2020 Jeep Yuntu is going to be the most surprising crossover with more power and torque. The most logical way and solution for this crossover would be 3.6 Pentastar V-6 engine. With two electric motors powered by Li-on battery features, the engine might offer a strength to empower up to 30 mpg in the city area.

2020 Jeep Yuntu interior

More details will be available by the end of the current year where we can see the final test regarding to this model. The fuel consumption is visible at tests themselves as safe environment system gives positive results. The stronger towing capacity will definitely give the stronger output, thanks to the lighter body frame.

Price Range

The most noticeable information is the price of the new 2020 Jeep Yuntu which will be surprisingly promotional. The upgrade of new Yuntu will make serious investments in order to give all the luxury status which is famous for. The price will start at $29,000 with no special additional equipment. The upper trim machine even with the highest trim level will cost over $31,000. However, this is not official yet. Jeep did not announce any latest news about new Yuntu and when it be available. The camouflage revealed some details, but the final product is waiting to come. The social networks are sharing many false data in order to gain more views, and yet the final word comes from the Company itself.

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