2020 Jeep Liberty – Next generation is on the way

The new upgraded version of the previous model, the 2020Jeep Liberty will make a new statement about the new lineup. This vehicle will have significant differences compared to the previous model. The upcoming generation of models in Jeep Company will have the wide specter of choice regarding American market. Jeep Liberty or Jeep Cherokee is known by that name outside North America is a compact SUV that was produced for Jeep from 2002 to2012.

Although is introduced as a replacement for Cherokee, theLiberty had priced in range Wrangler and Cherokee. Back then, it was the smallest of the 4-door Jeep SUVs until the arrival of Compass and Patriot in2007. The Liberty also had unibody construction. This was planted at ToledoNorth Assembly Plant in the USA, and also in other states like Egypt and Venezuela. The final production started in 2012, and new generations outside North America will use the nameplate Jeep Cherokee.

Jeep Liberty First Generation Replaced Jeep Cherokee

Since we do not know yet much about this SUV, we could only assume before finally launching. The carmaker was inspired by the styling of Dakar concept vehicles, the first Liberty was intended to be a replacement for discontinued Jeep Cherokee. Since then, The Liberty made the main entrance as the first Jeep vehicle which was using rack and pinion steering. Also, the use of two Power Tech engines with 2.4-liter 210 hp, and 2.8-liter VM motor turbodiesel for CRD versions were the first choice for this line of SUVs.

2020 Jeep Liberty

The Liberty was the first Jeep vehicle which used an independent suspension, and with all these novelties back then. Liberty was nominated for North American Truck of the year award back in 2002. The trim levels for this model top-end Limited and base Sport, are offering 2WD and 4WD systems. In 2005-6 the Rocky Mountain Edition Liberties received a minor facelift as the flat hood and taller grille.

Second Generation

By the beginning of 2008, the Jeep Liberty has received many essentials, especially on the exterior. The more massive body, boxy appearance, and off-road look were the main visible details. Since the smaller Patriot and compass crossover were in the main offer with the V-6 engine, this time engine was dropped from the offer. The second generation of 2008 Liberties was using the V6 engine with stronger towing capacity at 5,000 pounds. Jeep was eventually discontinued produce of Liberty for the American market because it couldn’t meet the standards for diesel engines.

And again, the transmission offers were carry-overs, a six-speed manual, and four-speed automatic. Standard equipment included electronic stability with roll mitigation, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. New features included new airbags and rain-sensing wipers, Siriussatellite, navigation system both with 30 GB hard drive. 

2020 Jeep Liberty – Engine Specs

The unique concept of the engine for 2020 Jeep Liberty will gain new features and numbers. The engineers will probably want to stay closer to the classical type of engine upon the one from 2002. The new Liberty will receive some cosmetic and suspension details and engine spec as well. This engine will have stronger output and better performing skills. As far as known the most obvious choice will be the 3.6-liter V-6 engine which will develop into street performing masterpiece. The engine could deliver 210 horses both with the 6-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission.

2020 Jeep Liberty interior

There were some rumors lately about having a new hybrid model based on a combo with previous models. With environmental and fuel savings modifications, this SUV will try to show its best.

Based on previous experiences new 2020 Jeep Liberty will try to make some original move this time. The massive and sporty appearance with larger decorations on fascia will make an impressive result. The most visible changes will be on the exterior part. The unique combo of materials especially aluminum and steel will show the best results. The tires will have bigger dimensions and ground clearance will be quite noticeable. The LED technology will show its strength through the all lineup.


The price of the new 2020 Jeep Liberty will not be much higher if we compare it to the Cherokee’s cost. Although the upper trim-levels and infotainment system will increase the value. The rumors are still claiming different views. However, the main price for the base model will be near $28,000. Although the upper trim levels will have the latest equipment, the highest price will certainly be over $33,000.

The launching date should happen by the end of 2020. This will take several months before to make an official entrance and web promotions. In following months the commercial use of new Jeep products will do promotional teasers for new arrivals. This is one of the upcoming models which will try to stay original instead of being a replacement for Jeep Cherokee.

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