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Sending electronic mail [e-mail] to Chan Robles & Associates Law Firm or any of its affiliate organizations does not create an attorney-client relationship between the sender and Chan Robles & Associates Law Firm. 该 sender should be informed that electronic mail through the Internet is not secure, hence, the e-mail message may not be deemed a privileged communication between the sender and Chan Robles & Associates Law Firm even in the case of existing clients thereof, as the e-mail message might be disclosed or revealed to other persons or parties. This advisory also holds true if the e-mail message is sent with attachments. Since the e-mail message is not secure, sensitive or unencrypted files should, as a general rule, not be included therein. In the event that encrypted file is sent through e-mail, contact 陈 Robles & Associates 法 Firm by telephone or fax to alert the latter regarding the encryption program used and the password required. 

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