2020 Jeep Cherokee – Redesign, Release and Price

The upcoming Jeep models will have to offer much more than it was expected. The company has announced many upcoming changes in SUV segment so they have a lot of details and changes. Many inner details are not familiar so far, but comparing to predecessor we can notice how redesign works. However, according to latest data new 2020 Jeep Cherokee will definitely have more upcoming specs to show.

Luckily, new Cherokee will be smaller size and dimensions so it will be easier for handling. The fuel capacity is on the lower level, so it can be very suitable and economic for diving. According to some rumors, the price is not defined yet, but we can claim that will be much affordable than the previous one. The design will have a much approachable look and very classy appearance. Available in multiple color options, this will be a combination of sporty and compact SUV with a slight dose of futuristic details.

2020 Jeep Cherokee

2020 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

The most important part of new 2020 Jeep Cherokee is his trim levels. Although smaller but stronger, this model can provide a very serious ride on heavy terrains no matter what the weather is. The most focused off-road trim levels are so-called Trailhawk. This trim level is focused on the street performance and this one will definitely bring new results and outcome. It is announced that new trim level will be next to Tailhawk, will be Deserthawk and it is expected to be launched in late 2020.

Jeep has recently had limited edition of Jeep Renegade Deserthawk model, but that as basically a Trailhawk model with the color scheme. The latest model has promising updates. New upcoming Deserhawk will be on higher standards containing long-travel heavy-duty suspension, knobby tires, and undercarriage reinforcements. This trim level can be applied on all Jeep models and with that can meet the standards.

2020 Jeep Cherokee – Engine Options

As much is known, the new 2020 Jeep Cherokee will deliver two engine options. The first one is 3.2-liter Pentastar V6 engine which can deliver 271 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque. It can contain camshafts, high-flow intake and exhaust ports. Also, this engine can provide Variable Valve Timing and Electronic Throttle Control as well as engine Stop/Start (ESS) technology. When there is a situation where vehicle brakes to stop, fuel flow is cut and the engine shuts off. When the brake pedal is released, the engine automatically restarts and the 9-speed AWD is engaged. This engine spec also includes additions like engine oil cooler and Stop-Start Multiple MSM system. This engine will come in the standard package for the base unit and trim level.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Rear View

Another engine spec is 2.0-liter DOHC DI Turbo engine. This 2.0-liter engine features eTorque technology to deliver higher efficiency and driver comfort. This turbo engine will produce 270 hp with multiple additions such as acoustic windshield, active noise-control system, and engine cooler. If the customer decides to take the other engine version, this will cost an additional $500 in order to have stronger performance.

2020 Jeep Cherokee redesign

The upcoming models always stand for upgrades and the latest technology. According to engineers and designers, new 2020 Jeep Cherokee will definitely make a difference. Although is smaller in size and construction this powerful compact SUV will deliver the new standard in this class.

The exterior is full of details, especially in higher trim levels. The base body frame contains a unique texture made of aluminum and steel. The exterior will be available in several color options. The ground clearance is bigger and so as the towing capacity. There will be the standard choice of tires and bigger dimensions for higher trim levels. Sunroof is made of black glass and it has a sliding version which can be modified.

Interior is spacious with two rows of seats. The leather upholstery and seats will be from leather materials and this will probably make a good feature which many people like. LED technology is present in the overall line-up. There is a better driving position for driver which will give him a clear view on front.

2020 Jeep Cherokee Interior

2020 Jeep Cherokee vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Comparison of these two models will be quite easy since the standard model has some modest features to offer, while Grand will make a significant difference. 2020 Jeep Cherokee will be spacious enough to receive up to five people in the cabin with supportive seats and controls which are easy to use. Although with smaller windows, there are plenty of head and legroom is available with strong thigh support. With start/stop technology and 3.2-liter engine, this model will have noticed performance and cozy drive. Safety mode is on a higher level especially with provided airbags and navigation, previously tested and approved by National Traffic Highway Administration.

However, new 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee name speaks for itself. According to some reports new Grand Cherokee is bigger with stronger towing capacity and dimensions. Masculine and aggressive exterior and spacious cabin can receive up to eight people. The most interesting part is the new upgraded premium audio system which will make driving more exciting. Bigger cargo space is always good to mention, and also Uconnect infotainment system with 7-inch touchscreen. The engine can be different according to trim level needed but the V8 6.4liter engine will be mainly available. Regarding safety, this model will have stronger brakes and it already has positive remarks on testing trivia.

Price and Release Date

New 2020 Jeep Cherokee will have its promotion by the end of next year and price is not so much familiar and officially announced. However, many other details are revealing every day so we can expect many surprises. As much is familiar, the new model of Cherokee will have the starting price in standard package from $26,125 without any additions. Without the doubt, this model will the best example for competition worldwide.

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